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Of course you may! There are four options:
A. As a debater. We will find a team for you to join and practice with. Please email registrations@heart-of-europe.org
B. As an adjudicator. We will teach you all the necessary skills so you’re ready to go.
C. As an observer. If you’re interested about debating and World Schools but not ready to take an active part, then this role is for you.
D. As a volunteer. Usually all of our volunteers are Czech or from the surrounding countries, however they all speak English, therefore if you want to get a look behind the scenes, then this could be the post for you. Please email registrations@heart-of-europe.org

More info on this can be found here: https://heart-of-europe.org/instructions-fees/

Each debating team must have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 members. Take note that each delegation must also bring n+1 Adjudicators with them, where n is the number of teams in the delegation. Should you bring fewer Adjudicators than that with you, you will have to pay an extra fee.

Each team must also have an adult with them who is responsible for them.

All the necessary information about the actual cost of the registration fee and its coverage can be found here:

You can register until 31st May.

You should cover 60% of a non-refundable deposit of the total amount till 31st May. We prefer the total sum sent to our account in advance. Payments are done for the whole group or for individuals after the invoice is issued. 40% of the total amount of payment should be also covered until 31st May. Payments are accepted in Euros, American Dollars, or Czech Crowns.

We don’t accept credit card payments!

For more information:

All information about local banking relations can be found here: