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In 2019, we decided to add to our agenda! That’s why we are offering an optional training for novice debaters also this year. The training will be on July 1st and 2nd, split between the two half-days. It will focus on explaining debating, as well as explaining and practicing the World Schools format. It is also an opportunity for current and former debaters who want to brush up on their debating skills, or for those who feel that they could benefit from one-on-one feedback. The training will be a combination of theory and practice in small groups. 

The training will be conducted by the CAs and other notable trainers. 

Here’s the proposed agenda of what we will discuss: 

  • Introduction to Debating
  • Introduction to World Schools
  • Burdens of each speaker 
  • Examining the ballot: content, style, and strategy
  • How to form logical arguments
  • Building cases
  • Rebuttals and clashes
  • How to approach motions
  • POIs
  • Any other aspects as requested by the debaters present 

The price of the training is 70 EUR, which includes all the training costs, accommodation (night 1st/2nd), and food for the duration of it.

The training will start at 4pm on July 1st, and run till 2pm on July 2nd. 

Registration  for optional training prior #HOEDT20:

Online Registration Form for Optional Training ’20