Welcome to Heart of Europe!

  • Discover the World Schools debating format
  • Trust the 53 nations who participated in the past and join us
  • Take advantage of all our venues being close to each other and all delegates being together
  • Explore the power of a power paired tournament
  • Arrive earlier to explore the town and prepare for the tournament
  • Make use of the volunteers available for every delegation
  • Celebrate Bastille Day in an international atmosphere
  • Enjoy the summer in friendly Central Europe
  • Meet new friends with similar interests
  • Discuss topics that are important for today’s society

Tournament News

Tabulation at #HOEDT20

Tabulation at #HOEDT20

Heart of Europe International Debating Tournament will continue to use TabbyCat as the software for tabulating. This is an extremely...

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About Tournament

Ever since 2001, when the Heart of Europe international debating tournament was founded by John L. Wickham, it has been bringing people together from various cultures all over the world in a spirit of friendship and learning.

The meaning behind the name of the tournament is not only a description of its central location, but also a reference to the role that the Czech Republic, or previously Czechoslovakia, tried to play throughout the 20th century – being a bridge between the East and the West.

So far, the tournament has seen people from 5 different continents, and on a regular basis it serves as a safe place for free exchange of ideas between representatives of all of the different major world religions and secular political persuasions.

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