From Olomouc to Stuttgart

From Olomouc to Stuttgart

Dear participants, we have received many questions from your side on how to reach Stuttgart from Olomouc and if you have chance to be there in time for World Schools Debating Championships 2016.

First of all let’s mention that Olomouc, due to its location right in the middle of Moravia, is a superb starting point to reach Stuttgart by bus, train or flight.

We are glad to offer to you private bus to take you to Stuttgart. It is a really comfortable option for reaching Stuttgart and avoids having to drag your luggage halfway across Europe. Another advantage is, that you do not need any booking and you are going to have your comfortable seat.The minimum number of people per bus is 15. If interested in contact us at with the subject PRIVATE HIRE. Last day to decide about that is 14th July 2016.

In case you have decided for flight you have choice from where take flight to Stuttgart. We can help you with booking of your tickets. Feel free to contact us at Our volunteers can reach airport with your group and help to you with your travel arrangements.

There are 7 international airports around Olomouc.

Brno (CZ) – Airport Turany (70 km)

Ostrava (CZ) – Leos Janacek Airport in Mosnov (80 km)

Katowice (PL) – Katowice-Pyrzowice (210 km)

Bratislava (SK) – M. R. Stefanik Airport (210 km)

Vienna (AT) – Vienna International Airport (260 km)

Krakow (PL) – Krakow-Balice (265 km)

Praha (CZ) – Airport Vaclav Havel (Ruzyne) (280 km)

In case you prefer land public transport, we have also solution for you. You can use trains and buses to be on time at World Schools Debating Championships. For timetables please contact us at the subject TRANSPORT OLOMOUC-STUTTGART.

In case you will be leaving on July 18th, the last day of the Heart of Europe, you will arrive in Stuttgart before midnight on the same day. There are just 2 stops on the way, one in Prague and one in Germany. Our volunteers can escort your delegation, especially as some of them intend to visit championship as well.