Letter for Adjudicators

Letter for Adjudicators

Dear Adjudicators of Heart of Europe International Debating Tournament,

It is with much pleasure that I welcome you to the Heart of Europe Debating Tournament 2016. Not only am I honoured to be your two-time appointed Chief Adjudicator, I am also humbled to be leading a team of esteemed, qualitative Deputy Chief Adjudicators. This year, Frankie Cena and I welcome the most talented pool of deputies this year: Laura Krawczyk, Delfina Vildosola, and Simona Mazilu. Not only is this CAP really broad in terms of its diversity, it is also highly versatile and dynamic. As I am, you too will be delighted to see the amount of commitment they have in terms of leadership, so that you not only learn from them but that you give quality adjudicating and feedback. The Heart of Europe Debating Tournament has a reputation of producing speakers and coaches of high quality, and this year should be no different.

As many of you and your teams will be arriving on the 13th of July, you still need to note that the following will happen:

advanced and new adjudicators’ training will take place; simultaneously, your speakers will, too, be trained by the relevant members of the Adjudicators’ Panel. These training sessions are VITAL because they will be used as an opportunity for you and your speakers to get clarity on any concerns or queries that you may have. Keep in mind that all the required material for adjudication at our tournament is available on our website https://heart-of-europe.org/judges/. All adjudicators also need to read all this material and familiarise themselves with it before the start of the tournament. Adjudicators also need to remember to send us their adjudicator resumés as soon as they can, but this should be prior to the tournament.


Do not forget also about other bureaucracy send a scan or photo of the last page of the Code of Ethics


and scan or photo of filled-in Photo and video approval form


All documents mentioned above can be sent to registrations@heart-of-europe.org

Finally, this year we will be having Adjudicator ratings in many forms, so we ask all of you to be at your A-GAME so that you receive quality feedback. Remember that speakers are highly subjective when it comes to feedback, so do not let this worry you much.

I would like to thank my AWESOME team for working really hard. I know very well that Heart of Europe 2016 is going to be massively qualitative. The impromptu motions you have set are not only original, but they are thought-provoking and challenging. A team of great leaders is never led by one who places himself in that position, but by one whose position is greatly held because of those he leads. I look forward to meeting you all, and may this be the best CAP, yet!

I humbly, once again, thank the Czech Debate Society and the Organising Committee of the Heart Of Europe Debating Tournament for having confidence in me to lead this prestigious tournament. I know that I am not putative of the most cooperative people alive, but I thank you for your continued patience. I know very well that ALL adjudicators and speakers taking part this year will have the greatest time.

May it be the best “HOE”

Nemohu se dočkat, až vás všechny vidět ! To je můj druhý domov!

Itumeleng Kenneth Mohanoe
Chief Judge
Heart of Europe 2016
International Debating Tournament
13th-18th July, Olomouc, Czech Republic