Dates for Heart of Europe 2018

Dates for Heart of Europe 2018

The Co-conveners of Heart of Europe 2017, Matylda Klosova and Jakub Kadlec, are glad to announce to you dates for 2018 edition of the tournament. The dates were stayed to 11th July till 16th July.

Those dates should fit to the majority of you because they were carefully chosen based on school holidays around the globe, international holidays, religious holidays and big national celebrations in countries of traditional participants of Heart of Europe Debating Tournament.

Since the event is prior World Schools Debating Championship 2018 in Croatia, it will be great opportunity for you to practice here. Zagreb is easily accessible by train from Olomouc or by flight from Vienna which is just two hours on bus from Olomouc.

At the same time we would like to announce to you, that this year we are going to change debate venue, since our favorite place Faculty of Science of University of Palacky in Olomouc is going to be in reconstruction and it would not be suitable for debating cause of the noise level.

In 2018 we are going to held tournament at the magnificent building from nineteenth century, which was built as the first girls’ school at Moravia and is situated in town center so you will have more opportunities to explore Olomouc in your free time.

So put the dates of the tournament to your diaries and we are looking forward meeting you in Olomouc in the summer 2018.

Matylda and Jakub