Milestone at Heart of Europe

Milestone at Heart of Europe

About the Milestone Debating Society 

37143288_1951813168197513_7662654958134624256_nWe are a small, student-run society located in Budapest representing the Milestone Institute. Our society registered two teams for the tournament: Milestone Yellow (László Dolgos, Samu Marosi, Isabella Cha) and Milestone Black (Emma Tánczos, Gréti Mile, Sophie Dara). For most of us, it was our first international tournament and we were a bit anxious to go up against all the accomplished teams at this prestigious tournament. However, we overcame our anxiety and highly enjoyed our time in Olomouc.

In our own words

38740238_2145145012477869_248536760848482304_n“The Heart of Europe Debating competition has been one of the most beneficial experiences of my life. I was granted the opportunity to advance my debating skills while to also establish new and exciting friendships with fellow debaters from all over the world. The tournament motivated me to strive for better performances in my debates and aided me with professional advice on how to accomplish these goals. I am grateful for the team of HOEDT since they achieved to create an atmosphere combining the best elements of learning and socializing. It is the best place for every aspiring debater.” – Gréti Mile

38759388_1341895119278860_2579056629215395840_n“The tournament was an extraordinary experience. The comments of the judges helped to develop my debating skills and my public speaking skills in general. In addition, I and my team were able to make friends from all around the world and get to know a variety of cultures as well. I would recommend this experience to anyone interested in debating.”  – Emma Tánczos38637470_1882259235416227_4585966787891298304_n

“The experience was extraordinary, the social life was outstanding. I truly learned a lot about debating, and improved my rhetorical skills by a landslide. The social events were very fun, and I made some good friends in Olomouc. In light of all these things, I most probably will be attending Heart of Europe next year.” – László Dolgos

38748228_1900285643609303_1452910629336645632_n“Heart of Europe was my first international competition, and I had pretty high expectations towards myself. However, I had to realise, that the opponents were just as well trained as we were if not better. But then I also realised, that that’s the beauty of it, what make these conferences so great and eventually I learned so much, that I truly believe that it was worth every second of preparation. The social life was also great and we made many friends. I’m more than sure, that I will return next year if I can.” – Samu Marosi

“Heart of Europe was a perspective changing38716708_217892318865129_4945641531240349696_n milestone in my life. Having acquainted and eventually befriend people from cultures I know little about was truly eye-opening.  Along the tournament, I’ve advanced immensely my debating skills and gained more confidence for public speaking in general. Debaters, volunteers, judges and coaches at the tournament were genuinely kind and warm-hearted making everyone feel welcome. All in all, I am very glad my team and I could participate in such a wonderful tournament and can’t wait to return next year.” – Sophie Dara  

The article was written by Sophie Dara, apart from the quotes which belong to their respective authors. The photos were provided with the consent of the individuals featured in the article.