Behind the scenes: the volunteers

Behind the scenes: the volunteers

This article is about the people on the ground, the ones who make sure your delegation is taken care of, the ones cleaning up after the last delegate is gone. There are a lot of them, but what do they do, and who are they?

There are various types of the volunteers we have, who all give up their time, to make sure everyone is not only alright, but that they are enjoying themselves. Here are the three most common types:

The logistics and delegate care volunteers
They are the ones fetching you from your station and the ones who stay with you throughout your time at HOEDT. After a few days, they become a part of the team, as their friendly and helpful personality makes them likable and much needed 24/7.

The IT and streaming volunteers
They are the people behind the screen, who do their best to make sure your debates are being recorded and transmitted live. They handle all sort of IT issues which makes them extremely valuable.

The socials volunteers 
They are the fun ones with a creative personality who enjoy dancing and socialising with everyone. They plan the last night’s party and the social excursions.

Recruitment for HOEDT’19
Are you in high school or university? Do you have any of these skills and qualities: sociable, tech-savvy, knowledgeable about Olomouc, debating experience, speak English, want something that looks good on a CV? Then, this is a great opportunity for you to join and make a meaningful difference to the tournament! If interested, please send an email to Jakub Kadlec at

What our volunteers have to say
“Two years ago I would never have thought of being a volunteer at the international debating competition. Now I can’t imagine a better spent time during the summer. It takes a lot of responsibility, patience and waking up early in the morning. Many of the times we have to deal with unpleasant situations such as ‘I don’t like my roommate’ and some more serious ones like losing a passport. But that’s nothing we cannot handle easily. To me being a volunteer specialising in delegates care means supporting my delegation and making sure they’re getting a great experience out of it.” – Nina

“As a volunteer, I spend the tournament in a very different way than the participants. I am there to have an awesome experience with people from all corners of the world and I am there to help them with their requests and questions. This allows me to know the people more thoroughly and make me happy. Thank you HoE!” – Josef

“Volunteering at HOEDT is an amazing experience. You have a chance to meet new amazing people, practice your English with the native speaking participants or just simply have fun with friends. The work is suitable for everyone and it’s quite diverse. You won’t find yourself bored. We are open to meeting new friends and working together to make the tournament a better event!” – Adam

Here’s a video of what it’s like being a volunteer.