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Itumeleng Kenneth Mohanoe

Itumeleng Kenneth Mohanoe

Dear global debate community,

They say three is the best strike. I usually do not agree with cliché statements, but this one has got to take some exception. This is my third year appointed as The Heart of Europe International Debating Tournament Chief Adjudicator, and I must say that I am privileged to work with this remarkable organisation. Usually, the Czech Debate Society sets goals and standards by which each Chief Adjudicator needs to perform, and I believe that I need to be transparent when coming to that this year. For the most part, compromise on quality is one thing that we, at “HOE”, never preach. We need to understand that every international tournament is different: by taste, standards, culture and reputation. Normally, these are influences that drive people’s decisions on whether they will attend. With “HOE”, this is simple: the tournament, with its culture, grows every year.

On the adjudication front I always become nervous when having to train and brief Adjudicators. This is because the breadth in adjudicating talent and experience at this tournament is astounding. For the most part, we have people coming from all continents. This allows for a splay in versatility when appointing Chair Adjudicators from room to room. Quality is never compromised when coming to adjudication and feedback; as a CAP we would rather a debate start late than have the overall round quality compromised. We always emphasise to Adjudicators that speakers come from all walks of life to come and debate at our tournament, and the least that we can do is give the quality adjudication and feedback.

All-in-all, “HOE” has had four very good Chief Adjudicators, and my aim is to continue that very extraordinary but humble legacy built on us since 2001. This legacy is that of motions, prepared or otherwise. Our main aim in giving motions out is to stimulate thought and scrutiny, but most importantly, learning in the process. That is what debating is about. As an Educationist, the process of debate always stimulates me, as I appreciate the level of engagement that all debate students impart. Remember that as debaters and Coaches, you put in the work months, sometimes years, before attending such a tournament. We appreciate that you will come and contribute to the experiences of our tremendous traditions at “HOE”, while learning and drawing greatness from other debate counterparts, be it judges or speakers. Lastly, “HOE” is always about change and growth. If anything, the one thing you will ever gain from our tournament is growth –as a speaker, Coach, Adjudicator, organisation, you name it; “HOE” is a true holistic experience, and I hope you enjoy it. What do we have in store? Come see for yourself! But expect really thought-provoking motions (weird ones, too), a tremendous CAP and quality scoring and adjudicating!

As a fashionista, allow me to leave you with this from Aldo Gucci, “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.” In short, come to #HOEDT18 and you will remember it years to come.


Itumeleng Kenneth Mohanoe

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