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Itumeleng Kenneth Mohanoe

Itumeleng Kenneth Mohanoe

A greeting from Itumeleng Kenneth Mohanoe

I greet you all from the African to the European front, to welcome the super waves of summer to push you in the direction of the most prestigious schools’ tournament in the world. “HOE”, as we affectionately know it, is going to be BIGGER, BETTER, FUNKIER and a WHOLE LOT more diverse in 2015.

The Heart of Europe Debating Tournament is a one world-class, upmarket schools’ tournament for any high scholar who would like to see him/herself develop quickly and qualitatively in speaking. 2015 marks such a year that will again bring teams from all over the world to battle with their brains, and on the adjudication front, again, we bring you quality and no compromise.

Competition in debating is rough, mostly very demanding and highly addictive. Heart of Europe Debating Tournament is an addictive tournament itself, and not only do we make you love debating, we make you live it –IT’S CULTURE! We have had many teams from different continents, but I hope to see a couple of Australian teams and more African teams this year. Heart of Europe is a highly accommodative tournament, and you will surely enjoy being part of it this year.

The 2015 Chief Judges’ Panel promises to bring you great and FUN-tastic impromptu motions, with a great deal of diversity. In most cases, our motions range from international relations to science and technology to politics to ethics and so on. We know very well that different students come from different countries, where challenges and opportunities differ. Heart of Europe 2015 brings in a great deal for you to present yourself, as an individual speaker, and to learn from a diverse range of quality judging.

We as the Chief Adjudicator Panel we will bring awesome perspectives, not only in terms of diversity, but also in terms of the FUN that the Heart of Europe 2015 will bring.

I would like to echo my former president, Thabo Mbeki, “I think that probably the most important thing about our education was that it taught us to question even those things we thought we knew.

To say you’ve got to inquire, you’ve got to be testing your knowledge all the time in order to be
more effective in what you’re doing.”

With this, I say all are welcome to the 2016 Heart of Europe Debating Tournament. I hope you enjoy it!

Please feel free to contact me with any queries on my e-mail: itumeleng.mohanoe@gmail.com or ca@heart-of-europe.org. Or at phone 0027 842 550 799.

Itumeleng Kenneth Mohanoe
Head of Chief Adjudicator Panel