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Tabulation at Heart of Europe 2019

The Organising Committee has appointed   Daniel Azaz (Slovenia/UK) as the Chief Tabulation Officer and Laura Krawczyk (Poland) as a Tabulation Officer of the Heart of Europe International Debating Tournament 2019. Since 2017, we have applied this model of tabulation team combined of man and woman to achieve a workplace gender equality, and to eliminate discrimination on the basis of gender which is a thoroughly discussed topic in debate circles these days.

Draw of the first round is going to be published after the end of registration on 11th July 2019!s

Power Pairing

Heart of Europe debate tournament consist of a set of preliminary debates, or “rounds,” in which all teams participate.

The sides in the first round of a debate tournament should normally be assigned, or “paired”. After the first round, teams should be paired based on their performance up to that point. Teams are said to be “power-paired” when they each have the same or similar records. In a power-pairing situation, a team that has won the first debate should encounter, in their second debate, another team that won its first debate. By pairing teams in this way, tournament administrators are able to ensure that teams have a chance to debate teams appropriate to their skill level.

Following the preliminary rounds, teams with the best records proceed to elimination rounds. The records are based on the number of wins, the number of votes of Adjudicators’ and the total sum of points received. Successive elimination round pairings culminate in a final round in which the top two teams debate one another. To reach this point, pre-final round “high-low” elimination pairings are established where higher-seeded teams (i.e., teams with relatively better records) debate lower-seeded teams (i.e., teams with comparatively more losses or fewer awarded speaker points). For more details read point 3. Draw of The Heart of Europe Debating Tournament Rules

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