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Czech Debate Society, z. s.

Czech Debate Society (CDS) has tradition since 2004, regenerated in July 2012 and is a national organisation, operating in Czech Republic. CDS was formed for purposes other than entrepreneurship. CDS works with children and the youth. It is a volunteer, independent and apolitical organisation, associating its members on the basis of common interest and working towards the goals of CDS. CDS was formed in order to accomplish the following:

  • assist self-education in areas of key skills development,
  • support development of human character, especially in moral, social and intellectual ways,
  • raise knowledge in an enlightening manner,
  • cultivate social intelligence, tolerance and positive interpersonal relationships,
  • aid in the fight against socially pathological phenomena by offering means to fill up free time,
  • support intellectual activities.

CDS strives to reach these goals by participating in debate competitions for secondary and high school students; by organising such competitions; by educating in the areas of effective argumentation, critical and analytical thinking and cultivated demeanour.

The national debate tournament Olomouc Open Cup and the international debate tournament Heart of Europe belong among the largest projects of the organisation. Other activities include organising the regionals of the Debatics competition, lecturing and other educational activities for students and the public.

You can find more information at web of organisation

You can also visit Facebook page of the organisation, Instagram profile, Twitter profile, photogallery at Flicker or watch our videos at The Czech Debate TV You Tube Channel