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Chief Adjudicators’ panel

For Heart of Europe Debating Tournament 2016, Organising Committee appointed Itumeleng Kenneth Mohanoe  (South Africa) as the Head of Chief Adjudicators’ panel (CAP).

The other members of CAP are:

1. Francesco Anthony Cena

2. Laura Krawczyk

3. Delfina Maria Vildosola

4. Simona Anca Mazilu .

Read more about them in their profiles.

A word from Chief Adjudicator

Chief Adjudicator Word 2016


If possible, we would like to have 3 Adjudicators for each preliminary debate, made up of Adjudicators from the following categories:

  • CATEGORY 0 – Those with little or short debating experience but familiar with the WS format, its rules and possessing knowledge of at least the very basic principles of argumentation, logical, analytical and critical thinking.
  • CATEGORY 1 – Former Debaters having had at least 2 years debating experience andhave now been working or doing further studies for at least 1 year but otherwise having had little to none judging experience.
  • CATEGORY 2 – Those with some experience of judging.
  • CATEGORY 3 – Adjudicators with at least 2 years of experience in judging.
  • CATEGORY 4 – Very experienced Adjudicators, especially having judged at the WSDC.

Please do note that nominating Adjudicators of categories 0 a 1 – especially 0 – should be only the last resort when in serious troubles concerning the fulfillment of the n+1 rule (number of Adjudicators required in order to register = number of teams you are bringing +1).

We strongly encourage independent adjudicators to apply.

Upon arrival

On the first day in Olomouc (13th July), there will be a Adjudicators briefing and training lecture by Chief Adjudicators panel (CAP). Attendance to this session is compulsory for all Adjudicators. Prior to that day, you will be expected to have read the rules and guidelines for debate. You will not be taking exhaustively through those rules. You will have to have read them. There will be a short test at the start of the Adjudicators briefing to tell CAP – and you – what particular parts of the rules and guidelines you might need to work on.

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