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Registration 2019

Registration at till 31st May 2019
Confirmantion email from
Issuing invoice for 60% non refundable deposit and 2nd invoice for other tranche of 40%; or one invoice for whole ammount
Covering invoice/s till date stayed. Dead line to cover registration fees is 31st May 2019. No invoices with longer due date of payment are going to be issued.
Completing all the data of the team till 30th June 2019


Registration of Delegations for #HOEDT19:

Online Registration Form for Delegations ’19


Registration of Independents:Debaters; Adjudicators and Observers for #HOEDT19:

Online Registration Form for Independents ’19


Registration  for optional training prior #HOEDT19:

Online Registration Form for Optional Training ’19


HOE DT Call for Registration ’19

For registration related inquiries contact use Registration Team Email: Phone: 00420 601 353 165

Registration process

You can register at any point up until the 31st May 2019! After that date you can be addmited to particpate by exception given by Organising Committee. This is an open tournament. Any organisation, society, school or club from any country is entitled to participate. We can also try to arrange mixed teams for individuals who are applying with no team.


    Team Members

A Team Member is a student eligible to debate for their team according to the rules of the tournament that has been chosen by the sending organisation. This does not include students who are ineligible to debate according to the rules, nor does it include students who do not intend to debate as part of the team. Hence no “reserve” or non-debating members are allowed. Those can participate as observers.

As for the general team cap, the total number of teams who apply for accommodation should not exceed 60. There is no limit on total number of teams from one country. In case you would like to come with more than 4 teams please inform the organizers at The n+1 Adjudicator rule per a delegation is applied.*

  • Registration fee: 220 €/$ 320/6400 CZK per Debater + n+1 fee (per a missing Adjudicator) – if there are fewer Adjudicators than n+1 per a delegation (n = number of teams in a delegation), the delegation is required to pay 170 €/$245 USD/4950 CZK For more information contact organisers at



    Team Coach and Team Manager

The Team Coach and Team Manager may be the same person but there must be someone who is coaching and someone who is the Team Manager, either two separate people or one person. Team Coach and Team Manager can participate also in the capacity of Adjudicator. Both the Team Coach and Team Manager must be responsible adults who are over 18. The Team Manager and Team Coach must accompany the team to every debate and amongst other things officially represents the team in communication with any members of the Organising Committee.

  • Registration fee: 220 €/$ 320/6400 CZK per Coach or Manager (if not adjudicating, otherwise see below)


    Adjudicator (Judge)

An Adjudicator is a person who is familiar with the rules of the tournament who will attend the adjudicators training and assessment sessions and adjudicate whatever debates the Chief Adjudicator of the tournament may reasonably ask them to adjudicate. The n+1 rule per delegation is applied*.

More information for Adjudicators …

  • Registration fee: 170 €/$245/4950 CZK per Adjudicator

*n+1 fee (per a missing Adjudicator) – if there are fewer Adjudicators than n+1 per a delegation (n = number of teams in a delegation), the delegation is required to pay 170 €/$245/4950 CZK. For more information contact organisers at



Each team has an option to bring an unlimited number of observers to attend the tournament. Any other individuals can participate as observers, provided they adhere to the Code of Ethics of the tournament.

  • Registration fee: 300 €/$ 435/8700 CZK per person


The Registration Fee

The fee covers:

  • accommodation for 5 nights (in 2 bed room);
  • meals: 4 × lunch, 5 × breakfast, 4 × dinner;
  • refreshments – snacks, hot & cold drinks;
  • all free time scheduled activities (parties, excursions, trips, sports);
  • ground transport in Olomouc;
  • reduced taxi fare rates at ALFA taxi, better exchange rates in partner exchange offices;
  • professional foto and video footage, live streaming of debates;
  • mobile info application of the tournament for Android and iPhone;
  • volunteer service during whole course of the tournament;
  • welcome pack;
  • materials.
    The registration does not include extra nights cost neither single room cost. Visa cost and travel cost to Olomouc is not covered by Organising Committee.

    We expect 60% non refundable deposit of total ammount for dellegation till 31st May 2019. When you will finish your registration we are going to send you invoice to your email with the information which is needed for money transfer. You can pay also whole amount prior the tournament starts. Please contact Mr. Jakub Kadlec at with your request and you will receive the details. The non refundable deposit can be given back in some cases which are up to the decision of Czech Debate Society Executive Board.

    Fee in € (EUR)Fee in $ (USD)Fee in CZKRole
    220 €$ 3206 400 CZK Debater
    220 € $ 3206 400 CZKCoach (if not adjudicating)
    220 €$ 3206 400 CZK Team Manager (if not adjudicating)
    170 €$ 2454 950 CZK Adjudicator (Judge)
    170 €$ 2454 950 CZK Coach (if adjudicating)
    170 €$ 2454 950 CZK Team Manager (if adjudicating)
    300 €$ 435
    8 700 CZKObserver
    170 €$ 2454 950 CZK per missing Adjudicator to n + 1 rule
    25 €$ 38720 CZKper person per extra night
    25 €$ 38720 CZKSingle room per person per night
    – 25 €-$ 38– 720 CZKDebate for life initiative – donation of blood
    70 €$ 1002000 CZK2 days optional training

    • You can also contact organisers at if there is some possibility to have individual discount. Eg. funding by embassy of your state in Czech Republic.

        Methods of payement

            Bank Transfer

    Please fill in all necessary data in online registration. After that you will receive 2 invoices. One for 60% non refundable deposit payment. Refunds are possible till 31st May 2019. And second invoice for 40%. It is posible to pay in one transfer on your invoice will be clearly stayed ammounts for deposit and second tranche.

    For issue invoice we will need followong data from you. Please check the tables below.

    First Name
    Date of birth
    Home address
    Name of your Organisation
    Identification number of your Organisation
    Address of your Organisation

    If wiring money to Czech Debate Society (CDS), please note that CDS is not responsible for any wire fees you may incur. CDS must receive the full amount of the participation fees it is owed, so please be sure to consult with your bank and to add to your wire transfer any fees that will be subtracted from your payment before it reaches CDS.

  • 1€ = 29 CZK
  • $1 = 20 CZK
  •         Cash on Arrival

    Czech Debate Society will accept cash on arrival just in specific cases. Bank transfer is the main mean of payment.

  • 1€ = 29 CZK
  • $1 = 20 CZK
  •         Travel and other Cheques

    Czech Debate Society does not accept travel and other cheques

            Bank and Credit Cards

    Czech Debate Society does not accept Bank and Credit Cards

    In case of any questions concerning invoices or payment contact Mr. Jakub Kadlec at (00420 601 353 165), please.


    The Registration related Documents


    HOE DT Call for Registration ’19

    HOE DT Code of Ethics ’19

    Photo & Video Approval Form ’19

    Online Registration Form for Delegations ’19

    Online Registration Form Independents ’19


    Adjudication Resume ’19