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Motions 2015

Motions Committee of Heart of Europe 2015 was appointed by Jakub Kadlec – Chief Organiser, on 31st December 2014.

Mottions Committee consits of:


  • Itumeleng Kenneth Mohanoe (South Africa) – Chief Adjudicator
  • Jakub Kadlec (Czech Republic) – Chief Organiser, Head of CDS
  • Mgr. Martin Rezny (Czech Republic) – Member of ORGCOM, Member of CDS Executive Board
    The motions were announced on 3rd February 2015.

    Prepared debates

    The four prepared motions and the grand final motion for Heart of Europe 2015:


    THBT EU’s development aid should be focused primarily on education.


    1. THBT international military intervention against Boko Haram is justified, regardless of the views of the Nigerian government.

    2. THBT the normalization of relations between the USA and Cuba will result in substantial improvements in civil rights in Cuba.

    3. THBT sexually assertive female pop stars identifying as feminists are harmful for feminism.

    4. THBT the Eurasian Economic Union is going to be a threat to the European Union in the future.
    Teams will not know whether they will be proposing or opposing beforehand. The sides are going to be decided randomly upon the draw for the respective round, but based on the rule that in an ideal case, teams should both propose and oppose four times during whole course of the tournament. Teams need to cover both sides in their preparation for the tournament.

    Impromptu debates

    The remaining four preliminary rounds will be on impromptu motions announced to the teams one hour before the debate begins, as will all the play-off debates (the octo-finals, quarter-finals and semi-finals). We utilize a special system for preliminary impromptus.

    There will be three motions available for each debate. We will let one team pick the motion while the other one picks the side. Since there are 4 impromptu rounds as usual every team should pick a motion twice and a side also twice.

    When relevant: teams have one minute to choose a motion. One minute to choose a side. One minute to agree on a motion.


    The sets of the impromtu motions are going to be updated during the course of the tournament.


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