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These people will help you enjoy the 2015 tournament:

[Jakub Kadlec] Jakub Kadlec (Czech Republic)

  • Chief Organiser
  • Head of Czech Debate Sociaety (CDS)
  • Finance
  • Visas
  • Motion Committee
  • Member of Registration Team

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    00420 601 353 165

Jakub is 25 years old. He was an active debater for his school until 2004. He had finished his studies at the English section of the school in 2009 and then studied CARITAS – College of Social Work in Olomouc. He works as a fundraiser for different companies. Apart from his activities within the Czech Debate Society, he is also volunteering for other NGOs in Olomouc Region and for AIESEC Zlin. He devotes his free time to organization of free time activities for youth. This is the eighth year of Jakub’s participation at the organization of the HOEDT.

[	Itumeleng Kenneth Mohanoe ] Itumeleng Kenneth Mohanoe (South Africa)

Itumeleng is 24 years old, he is a teacher and since 2009 also member of Gauteng Dept. of Education. He passed the adjudication tests in 2007. Some of his adjudication experience: he adjudicated provincially for 7 years and nationally for 6 years. In 2011/2012 he was Gauteng Debating League Chief Adjudicator. Between years 2008-2013 he was judging SACEE League. He was also responsible for developing Gauteng Debating League since 2010. This is the third year of Itumeleng’s participation at HOEDT as a member of the CAP. Apart from debating, he has participated in a number of other forms of competition, mostly related to United Nations models. He is also a trainer of many successful speakers and an author of several training manuals for debaters, adjudicators and trainers. This is the fourth year of Itumeleng’s participation at HOEDT.

[Stepan Klos] Stepan Klos (Czech Republic)

Stepan is 20 years old student of Computer Science and a member of Czech Debate Society. First Heart of Europe has sparked his passion for debating and since then he’s been at many other European tournaments. He established a debate club at his school, finding students with who he went to those competitions. Stepan likes learning English, French and Chinese. This is the third year of Stepan’s participation at organization of the HOEDT.

[Vlastimil Waic] Vlastimil Waic (Czech Republic)

Vlastimil is 31 years old. He spent more than half of his life debating, judging and teaching debate. Nowadays he is a freelance marketing communications consultant who uses part of his time and expertise for several CDS projects. During HOE he usually spends his time in the technical room (TAB room) upstairs in the assembly hall managing info screens and feeding social media. Besides from coaching and judging debates Vlastimil enjoys fish keeping, listening to music and relaxing in our not-soon-to-be debate schooling and leisure center in the mountains.

[Tereza Cerna] Tereza Cerna (Czech Republic)

Tereza is 20 years old. She graduated in May 2014 at Gymnazium Jiriho z Podebrad. She has been interested in debating since 2011. Apart from debating, she develops her managerial and organisational skills in other NGO’s in Podebrady. She is also interested in psychology, computers and sports. This is the fifth year of Tereza’s participation at organization of the HOEDT.

[Hana Siwkova] Hana Siwkova (Czech Republic)

Hana is 19 years old. She is a student of Business Academy in Cesky Tesin. Hana is a friendly enthusiastic girl who loves communication with people. Hana is is also part of volunteers centre in Cesky Tesin where she does volunteer work for various NGOs. This is the fourth year of Hana’s participation at organization of the HOEDT.

[Denisa Dankova] Denisa Dankova (Czech Republic)

Denisa is 20 years old. She graduated in May 2013 at Pedagogical High School in Boskovice. She is now studying at Masaryk University in Brno. She has been debating since June 2013. Besides debating she is interested in teaching, acting, singing, playing the piano, tourism and sports. She has been an amateur actor for 9 years. This is the fourth year of Denisa’s participation at organization of the HOEDT.

[Pavel Dobes] Pavel Dobes (Czech Republic)

Pavel is 18 years old. He’s attending Cajkovsky High School in Olomouc. Pavel’s hobbies are mainly people, skiing, gastronomy, kick box and video games. This is the third year of Pavel’s participation at organization of the HOEDT.

[Martin Rezny] Mgr. Martin Rezny (Czech Republic)

Martin is 27 years old. He has been part of Czech debate program for over 10 years. He studied bachelor studies of media and political science at Masaryk University in Brno and recently added a master’s degree. He works mostly as a freelance writer and PR specialist, English teacher and debate lecturer, but in his spare time, he is an amateur actor and a musician too. His other hobbies include film in general and science-fiction in particular, also fantasy, poetry, reading books and playing computer games, philosophy and mythology. This is the sixth year of Martin’s participation at organization of the HOEDT.

[Josef Sulc] Josef Sulc (Czech Republic)

  • IT Administrator

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    00420 725 569 726

After falling in love with debating and some experience in NGOs, Josef found the Heart of Europe Debating Tournament, which is something he looks forward to 350 days a year. In his free time, he likes to discuss things possible and impossible, meet new people and play wit

h electronics. This is the third year of Josef’s participation at organization of the HOEDT.

[Klara Ligurska] Klara Ligurska (Czech Republic)

Klara is 21 years old, she is a graduate of Gymnazium Kojetin high school. She has been interested in debating since 2007. Currently, Klara is a debate judge and takes part in other CDS debate projects. Apart from debating, she develops her communication skills at recitation and rhetorical competitions. Klara is also interested in writing, singing, dancing, playing guitar, jogging and cycling. This is the fifth year of Klara‘s participation in HOEDT ORGCOM.

The HOEDT ORGCOM was appointed on 31st December 2014, by the Head of Czech Debate Society.