Andrei Petre-Melinte (ROU)

Member of Chief Adjudicators' Panel

Andrei started debating 14 years ago, and at the beginning he would be losing most of his matches. He committed to improving, and went on to win 3 international tournaments, advanced to the semifinals of the WUDC 2016, and to coach various teams who won top competitions.

Andrei studied law at the University of Exeter. He has taught English for 3 years and is now working with London South Bank University to attract EU students to the UK, despite the growing concerns over Brexit.
He believes in hard work and improving over time, therefore he would like to offer this advice to all participants of HoEDT’20:

“Try new things, new strategies, new types of arguments, new roles, as it will help you understand the game better and make you a better debater. They won’t always work, everyone loses matches, but every now and then you’ll surprise yourself and come up with something amazing.”

Andrei travels a lot and has some fun/mildly life threatening stories he can share if you want to have a laugh. He appreciates arguments that are realistic and comparative in nature – keep in mind that debate is about real things that actually impact people and that if you want to win, making a brilliant argument is not enough, you also have to prove it’s better than the opposing arguments.

Andrei came to Heart of Europe for the first time in 2010 and returns whenever he can because he thinks it’s a great tournament which helps people significantly improve due to the high number of rounds and multicultural debating experience.