Daniel Azaz (SLO)

Tabulation Officer

Daniel is an Anglo-Slovenian debater and persuasive writer. He’s 17 years old. He joined debate in 2013 after having gotten lost looking for the philosophy course. He is a founding member of his club’s rejuvenation and was the 4th best speaker at the Slovenian national tournament, as well as a top 20 best speaker at the international tournament in Ljutomer. Daniel has a profound interest in politics and international affairs, especially when it comes to the Middle East. This is reflected in activities such as Model United Nations, for which Daniel is the founder and Secretary-General of the MUN Society of Slovenia. He’s only been with HOEDT since 2015, after having been invited by Stepan, whom he met during an interaction involving a horse head. At HOEDT 2015, Daniel served for the first time in his capacity as chief tabulation officer in an experience he’s not likely to forget soon.