Delfina Maria Vildosola (ARG)

Member of CAP

Delfina is a 25 year old lawyer and debating fan. She began debating in 2004, started adjudicating in 2008 and has been coaching since 2009. In 2012 she joined the Executive Committee of the Argentine Debating Association and became its Chief Adjudicator in 2014, judging high school and university level debating competitions. She coached Argentina’s 2014 Panams teams and was the national delegation’s judge at WSDC Turkey 2013 and WSDC Singapore 2015. Besides all debate-related activities, she enjoys co-hosting a weekly radio show on sustainable development, teaching environmental and mining law, learning new languages, travelling and reading all kinds of random articles. She is delighted to be joining the HOEDT CAP this year.