Jakub Kadlec (CZE)

Co-Chief Organiser/Finance/Visa

Co-chief Organiser Jakub Kadlec is involved in organising Heart of Europe since 2008. His role in the Czech Debate Society is as the Head of Executive Board and these days he is more involved in bureaucracy than organising events, adjudicating debates or lecturing at workshops. He works in the private sector, therefore the debate society is just volunteering for him in his free time. Unfortunately, he is quite busy but in his free time, he loves traveling and enjoys culture with friends, such as theatre. Working with people is his passion. He dedicated a lot of time to Heart of Europe since his studies at high school when he gave a promise to the founder of the Tournament John L. Wickham to run the Tournament in the future years and to sustain all the goals of the event – primarily that it is going to be inclusive, open to students from all around the world from different backgrounds, not exclusive, and it will be providing opportunities to practice leadership for new faces not just old matadors of debate arenas. It is his thirteeenth year of involvement in the Tournament.