Joram Wijnstra (NLD)

Member of Chief Adjudicators' Panel

Joram started his relationship with Heart of Europe in 2017 when he participated as a debater during the Tournament. In 2018, he came back to adjudicate every round of Heart of Europe. Last year, in 2019, he joined the CAP team for the first time and this year he is coming back!

Joram is a passionate debater, adjudicator and a debating coach from the Netherlands. In the – according to him – most beautiful city in the world (Groningen), he is finishing his Bachelor of Spatial Planning and Design at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences.

He believes that the Tournament is an experience you will never forget! Besides learning a lot about debating (through debating and intensive feedback), the Tournament is the right place to create new international friendships.  Combine those two and a bright future lays ahead of you.