Joram Wijnstra (NLD)

Member of Chief Adjudicators' Panel
Joram is a passionate debater, adjudicator, and a debating coach from the Netherlands. In his hometown, he is currently pursuing a bachelor in Spatial Planning and Design at the University of Groningen. Apart from debating, studying, and doing sports, Joram is also active as a vice-chairman of the student representatives at the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences. Besides participating and adjudicating at various tournaments within the Netherlands, Joram is coaching his own team at the local high school. Furthermore, he also teaches debating at Hanze University of Applied Sciences. 
His relationship with Heart of Europe started in 2017 when he participated as a debater during the Tournament. Last year in 2018, he adjudicated every round of Heart of Europe. This year he is very proud and pleased to be part of the CAP team of the 2019 edition.
As a CAP, he believes that during the Tournament you will receive some intensive feedback where you can acquire knowledge to improve yourself as a debater. At the end of the Tournament, you are bound to have learned a lot, as well as of course made a lot of friends! 
“To open one’s eyes, men should: ask, acquire and attain. Opening your ears is the only way to fully eye the wonders of nature.” – Wijnstra