Laura Krawczyk (POL)

Head of Chief Adjudicators' Panel

Chief Adjudicator, Laura Krawczyk has a multinational personality and doesn’t believe in being tied down to country-specific stereotypes. She is very proud of being at the end of finishing law school and might mention it once or twice. Apart from the legal and political sphere, she enjoys yoga, and running around making sure everything is on track. She started debating with a public speaking background, therefore is especially welcoming to persons wishing to try debating and adjudicating for the first time.

Since 2013, Laura has consecutively attended Heart of Europe. Over the years, she has tried most of the roles at the Tournament with being in the Chief Adjudicators’ Panel (CAP) and a Tabulation Officer as her favourites. Whilst both of the roles require different skills, they both require strict preparation and an all hands on deck attitude. This year, she is very pleased to be back, this time as the Head of the CAP!

When asked why she’s coming this year: “After so many editions, it’s not a question of ‘why’, it is a question of ‘when’ and ‘where’. I am thrilled to be invited back for my 6th year.” A word of advice to the participants of the Tournament in 2019: “Make sure you prepare for all the prepared motions in advance as we genuinely do want to give out points! For the impromptu motions, keep an eye out on the latest news as well as the social media for the Tournament. Should you have any specific questions, please come and talk to me at the trainings.