Laura Krawczyk (POL)

Laura was born in Poland, grew up in South Africa, and is currently living in the United Kingdom. Where she will be by the time you meet her in July, she does not know yet, but by then she will have graduated with an LLB in Scottish and English law.

Laura started her relationship with Heart of Europe in 2013 where she has gradually advanced each year from being a debater, to adjudicator, to member of the Chief Adjudicating Panel. She is a firm believer of having the best of both worlds by being in the CAP as well as working in the tabulation room. She is a good example of what having a good attitude, a pro-active approach, and having the willingness to learn can do for one at the Tournament.

Apart from law and debating, she is an avid fan of the European Youth Parliament, Young European Federalists, Model United Nations, and public speaking. She currently holds the post of a Young European Ambassador of the EU to the Eastern Partnership. Even though she is small, beware as she runs a tight ship.

When asked why she’s coming this year: “After so many editions, it’s not a question of ‘why’, it is a question of ‘when’ and ‘where’. I am thrilled to be invited back for my 5th year to CAP and Tab, consequently to spend time with some good friends.”

A word of advice to the participants of the Tournament in 2018: “Make sure you prepare for all the prepared motions in advance as we genuinely do want to give out points! For the impromptu motions, keep an eye out on the latest news as well as the social media for the Tournament. Should you have any specific questions for me, please come to the debaters’ lecture on the first day as there will be plenty of time then to go over what you would like.”