Laura Krawczyk (POL)

Member of CAP

She was born in Poland, raised in South Africa, and is currently living in the United Kingdom. She studies Scottish and English law during the day, she does debating and lobbying during the night. Over the years, she has been a part of the European Youth Parliament, Model United Nations, Moot Court, Young European Movement UK, and is currently the President of the Young European Federalists Poland. She enjoys public speaking and speech writing on the pro-European arena. She is a regular chairperson on the international level who moderates discussions and helps the delegates with expressing themselves.

Laura started her Heart of Europe adventure in 2013 as a debater. A year later, she decided to judge the World Style tournament, including the grand final. She’s highly motivated to make the most out of judging the tournament in 2016. Her ratio decidendi for joining the CAP is to do with taking one challenge at a time and doing her best whilst experiencing new opportunities.

Whether something is possible or impossible, depends on the flexibility of one’s mind. As long as the debaters remember to stay true to themselves and make themselves proud, they are already winners. Qui audet adipiscitur! (He who dares wins!)