Stepan Klos (CZE)

Tabulation Officer


Stepan is 20 years old student of Computer Science and a member of Czech Debate Society. Heart of Europe 2013 has sparked his passion for debating and since then he’s been to many other European tournaments, such as  Lovran Open 2013,  Under Chestnut Trees 2013,  PDS 2014,  BSDC 2014,  HOE 2014,  PDS 2015 and  HOE 2015.

He was Talubation officer at  PDS 2014,  HOE 2014,  PDS 2015, and  HOE 2015 in charge of pairing with TRPC software and calculating rankings from tournaments.

Stepan loves learning English, French, Chinese and Italian. He also get scholarship from Beijing Foreign Studies University and he could therefore spend summer 2014 by studying Chinese language and Chinese culture in Beijing. In his highschool years he established a debate club at his school called GJW Debate, that was preparing students for international debate tournaments and organising on-line debates with New Era Debate from Vancouver BC, Canada. This is the third year of Stepan’s participation at organization Heart of Europe Debate Tournament.