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International Friendship Night – BEST Sportcentrum Olomouc

One of the best things about international debate events is getting to meet and talk to people from all over the world. The International Friendship Night is designed to concentrate the best of it in one event by having each country making a presentation of its culture. Typical samples and examples of culture involve national flags and clothing, food and drinks, musical instruments and songs, images of national nature or architecture and much more. This year’s International Friendship Night will also be followed by a new addition to our cultural program – the Heart of Europe Talent Show. International Friendship Night is going to take place at BEST Sportcentrum Olomouc

Adjudicators’ Social – BEST Sportcentrum Olomouc

At the beginning of the tournament, right after the adjudicators’ briefing, this social event is a perfect opportunity for the Adjudicators to get to know each other. Since their task is a difficult one, it is definitely not a bad idea to start by relaxing and having a good time.



Heart of Europe Talent Show

This social event of the tournament will be a showcase of the participants’ artistic or otherwise interesting talents. Maybe with a little hint of competition, but mainly to help integrate debating with the rest of the popular culture in the minds of our participants, and through our communication channels, for all people everywhere. So if you are planning on visiting us in Olomouc in the summer, feel free to amaze us, and maybe also get a little famous in the process.

Guided sightseeing tour

We have always made a tour through Olomouc for our participants, but from 2013 forward, we have decided to implement certain…modifications. By learning all the names and numbers, one can get to know the place a little bit. But to know it as it really is, to get direct, immersive, interactive experience in one evening, the legends must be brought back to life and the expanses of time must be bridged over. Brace yourselves for a tour that will be truly legendary.

UPOL Faculty of Science



Tour of depths and heights of Olomouc

If you really wish to know the city inside and out, we strongly recommend this particular tour. An experienced guide will walk you through the city’s catacombs and crypts, but also towers. In no other places would you be able to see so far into the distance and also so far back in time. There are many layers of architecture below the street level, as new streets and buildings are continuously being built over each other in a process that has been taking place in Olomouc for over a thousand years, likely well over that. But beware – the underground could be too much for claustrophobic people or those faint of heart, while towers in Olomouc are certainly tall enough to scare people suffering from vertigo.




Museums – of Art/Archdiocesan/Car/Regional/of Astronomical Clock/of Olomouc Fortification/The Story of Stone; Archbishopric Place; Archbishopric Tomb

While the architecture of Olomouc is definitely very impressive when viewed from outside, some building hide veritable treasures troves of interesting things to look at even inside of their walls. And as you can see in the listing above, there is something for everybody – are you a spiritual person? Then you’re totally gonna love Olomouc, but especially everything that has something to do with the local Archbishopric. Are you a fan of technology? The cars in the local museum are unique historic designs and you have most likely never seen an astronomical clock quite like the one in Olomouc. Do you enjoy war related history? There are various military installations in Olomouc spread over many centuries. And of course connoisseurs of high art will certainly not be disappointed. If any of that caught your attention, we can assure you that there is more than enough time to walk through all of that in the course of the tournament.





Bowling tournament – BEST Sportcentrum Olomouc

During International debating tournaments you need also to relax, and there is no reason why the debaters should not be competitive even when not in debate room. Last year we came back to tradition of bowling tournament, so we will see who will be the best team in 2018.

bowling Heart of Europe
bowling Heart of Europe
bowling Heart of Europe
bowling Heart of Europe




Bye, bye party – BEST Sportcentrum Olomouc

International debating tournaments certainly can be fun, and there is no reason why the debaters should not be allowed to socialize and celebrate (within legal limits, of course). After all debates except for the finals are over and therefore the night doesn’t have to be spent in preparation or by resting for all but the very best few, dancing can only help the debaters exercise the physical and social muscles for a change and relax the mind.