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We give our thanks to the following people and organizations for their cooperation and support



Palacky University in Olomouc
Palacky University in Olomouc, Faculty of Science, is a Golden Sponsor of the Heart of Europe Debating Tournament 2014 for the fourth year in a row, because it provides us with accommodation for reduced fees. This cooperation is based on principles shared between the debate associations worldwide and the university – promotion of freedom of speech, critical thinking and international cooperation. And who knows, if you find the Palacky University to your liking as a participant of this tournament, you might consider enlisting for a student exchange program there in the future.





Deleo provides wide variety of marketing communications services. At HOE Deleo takes care of social media and digital signage and provides PR and web technology consulting. This is the second year of our cooperation.




[Statutarni mesto Olomouc]


The City of Olomouc
The city of Olomouc aids the tournament financially, mainly through a discount on public transportation and paying for propagational materials, but also via a direct donation. Not to mention its beautiful architecture and tranquil parks. They have been supporting as regularly since 2009.




The Office of the Government of the Czech Republic – European Affairs Information Department
The European Affairs Section also fulfils an informational role. Its European Affairs Information Department, supplies the general public with information related to European Union issues through its sophisticated Integrated Information System – a network of regional Eurocenters across the Czech Republic, the free Eurofon telephone lines on 800 200 200, as well as the internet portal Euroskop.cz. More information on the European Affairs Information Department. We are currently entering a third year of cooperation with them.




[Alfa taxi s.r.o. Olomouc]

Alfa taxi s.r.o. Olomouc
Alfa taxi, s.r.o., the Olomouc branch, allows the participants to use its quite handy services at a discount, since 2010. Easy mobility is clearly one of the fundamental ways of making participants more comfortable and we are grateful to the company for helping us achieve that goal.



[Debating Europe]

Debating Europe
Debating Europe is a successful innovative online platform launched by Friends of Europe and Europe’s World, in partnership with the European Parliament, Microsoft Europe, and Gallup. It puts citizens’ ideas and suggestions on vital issues shaping our future directly to policymakers and influential thinkers to either support or criticize. We are cooperating with them since 2012.



Směnárna Palác s r.o.
Our affiliated exchange office


[Dopravni podnik mesta Olomouce, a.s.]
Dopravni podnik mesta Olomouce, a.s.
Dopravni podnik mesta Olomouce, a.s.



[Jitka Horna Lekarna Kvasice]


Jitka Horna Lekarna Kvasice
Jitka Horna Lekarna Kvasice







  Ludek Ondruska
Ludek Ondruska, a graduate of the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University in Brno and an experienced filmmaker. His task is the same as the last year – to film the event from all the interesting angles. You can check his work on HOE since 2011 at our youtube channel.



Daniel Peprník