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Brief info about debating

Academic debating is a formal argumentation match in which two opposing sides – teams propose or refute a given proposition statements or attack the validity of a motion in a series of speeches. This is not like haggling with the trader nor like speeches of politicians, each speech is governed by a set of rules, which give to the speaker an opportunity to intervene through “points of information”. Academic debates are usually adjudicated by a panel of judges.

Academic debating is a great combination of argumentation with acquiring knowledge of important issues like beliefs, social values, government policies, economics and current problems of the world and today’s society. A competitive academic debate should be logical and structured. Debating combines a unique set of skills which help individuals to analyze data, discover and describe problems, think critically and view the given questions from both ends.

Why debate?

There is a vast amount of different reasons that lead people and especially students to debate, from learning how to make interesting arguments to travelling abroad thousands of miles away for debating competitions in order to meet new friends there. Everyone has their own reasons to debate, but we support and organise debating activities because we strongly believe that:

Debating creates opportunities – Debating offers the opportunity to travel around the world to meet new people. Debating also gives you an opportunity to get a better job because you will be better able to argue why you should be the one who is suitable.

Debating improves skills – In future career, being able to structure arguments, make convincing analyses and present your ideas, plans and projects to a group are all rare and highly prized skills.

Debating leads to understanding – Making arguments, finding pros and cons, this makes you thinking about the problems not only from a single point of view.

Debate is the ultimate mental exercise.

What makes a good debater?

Debaters challenge ideas, they do not attack each other. As in other sports, the fair play is crucial. Debaters will eventually have to speak for both sides, so it does not help to be too emotionally invested. A debater is a spokesperson for or against a motion only for the time being, not a fanatic with an unquestionable cause.